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How it Works

Giotto creates the NFT of your logo and certifies the know-how of your company in blockchain. Upon successful certification you will get the  GIOTTO certified badge  which will be an important hallmark of transparency, quality and certification for your business.

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The project is promoted through its GIOTTO flagship utility token, necessary to purchase the certification services of your business and to obtain the Giotto Certified BADGE.


Symbol:  GIOTTO

Decimals:  18

Initial supply:  100,000,000,000

Address:  0xD04Ee1B6A9c4E4942f4A3D88C47B256bA5323297

$GIOTTO got the verification badge from Blockspot

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$GIOTTO Smart Contract audited by StaySAFU

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The project was inspired by the perfection recognized in the skills of the Florentine painter Giotto, born in 1267, to create a brand that is synonymous with  QUALITY  and  PERFECTION . Why it is important to certify your business in blockchain

  • Transparency . A transparent business gives confidence in its customers
  • Protection.   The blockchain certification favors the protection of one’s own distinctive know-how and protection of trademarks, logos and patents, in a simpler and more effective way than the bureaucracy necessary before the web3.
  • Autonomy.   Greater autonomy in the management of one’s own e-portfolio of certifications and in making it available to third parties while maintaining the desired level of privacy;
  • Ease.   Simple procedures for the validation of on-line certifications with a consequent reduction in the level of institutional intermediation
  • Authority . The certification entitles you to obtain  a distinctive certified badge  that serves to increase the authority of your business and can be used as an important tool in your marketing.

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