Ambassador program

Become a GIOTTO ambassador to help develop the project and earn rewards.

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Your Benefit

Receiving Rewards with GIOTTO TOKENS

You can buy and stake GIOTTO Tokens to receive rewards periodically

Increasing the popularity of your blog

You tell your audience about the benefits of the ambassador program and everything related to the GIOTTO project


You can share the opportunity of the GIOTTO certification to your clients, suppliers, friends and everyone you know

Are a representative of GIOTTO

You have a priority status on our channels to communicate with the developers of the project and influence the development of GIOTTO

Partecipation Rules

Fill out the participant  form
Get approval from the GIOTTO team  (approval takes 1 to 7 days)
Done. You are part of our team! Hurry up and complete the tasks that can be viewed in the ambassador's personal account and get points


  • Stages of rewarding participants:

1. Get points by completing tasks.
2. Distribution of GIOTTO tokens among all participants.
  • Users are rewarded in GIOTTO tokens at the end of each STAGE

The STAGE is the time period during which the participants of the Ambassador program collect points and receive GIOTTO tokens according to the percentage of the total amount collected in the STAGE from all participants of the Ambassador program.

For each period, a fixed amount of GIOTTO tokens is allocated, which is distributed to all participants. Each stage has its own terms of participation.

Rewards for completed tasks are given in the form of points and exchanged for GIOTTO at the end of each STAGE. Rewards depend on the number of your subscribers, the usefulness and quality of the content made.